4 Creative Ways to Upcycle Your Clothes With Patches

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With a little creativity and some custom patches, you can upcycle the clothes you already have into trendy pieces that showcase your style. Ethical fashion is on the rise for good reason: one garbage truck full of textiles is dumped in a landfill or burned every second. Luckily, creating a sustainable wardrobe doesn't take much, and it's perfect for students who are on a budget. Here are four unique ways to repurpose your clothes with patches that will keep you on-trend.


Denim Jackets

 Man Wearing Denim Jacket Upcycled With Pink Donut Patch

Almost everyone has an old denim jacket laying around in their closet. Why don't you wear it anymore? Maybe it has a pesky stain you can't get out, and you just loved it too much to get rid of it, or it just needs something to spice it up a little bit. Customized denim is a timeless look. Add a patch – or tons– and your old jacket will go from drab to fab. The best spots to place iron-on-patches on jackets are above the pockets, along the sleeves, or on the back of the jacket. If you’re struggling with what types of patches to add, consider custom sorority patches. Your Greek letters would look great on a jacket, and you could make a day out of upcycling your clothes with your sisters.


Complete the look with skinny jeans, a fitted t-shirt, and statement earrings.


Basic Tees

 Plain White Tee Shirt with Federal Colonies Patch

Do you have stacks of basic t-shirts that are just taking up space? Plain or striped tees of any color are the perfect item to repurpose. Keep it simple with one patch in the upper right-hand corner of the shirt. Embrace the ’90s trend and choose patches that make you feel nostalgic like, aliens, smiley faces, or your old favorite bands.


Complete the look with ripped jeans, boots, and a choker.



 Ripped Jeans Being Repaired With Rose, Sunglasses, Guitar Patches using Pink, Purple and Black Threads.

Jeans are by far one of the best items to DIY with patches. One of the hottest 2020 denim trends are embroidered jeans. Designer embroidered denim comes with a huge price tag and buying them new isn’t doing the environment any favors. Take your old pair of jeans and add lots of tiny, feminine, iron-on patches; think small flowers, like rosebuds. If your style is on the simple side, try a positive quote patch. Something short and sweet like, “Stay Wild” or “Love More" would fit nicely right along the pocket line of your favorite old jeans.


Complete the look with a tight cropped tank, denim jacket, and vintage shades.



 Fjallraven Backpack With Bloom Where You Are Embroidered Patch

Whether you've got a JanSport or a sporty backpack, it will look stylish with the right patches.  Choosing a unique theme, such as custom patches that represent your travels, would make for an eye-catching statement piece. It could be a work in progress that you add to as you visit new locations, whether it's national parks or other countries around the world.


Complete the look with white-washed jeans, a graphic t-shirt, and Birkenstocks.


You don’t have to sacrifice on recent trends to upcycle your clothes. With a little DIY and some stylish patches, your wardrobe will be sustainable and chic.

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