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Types Of Threads


Rayon thread is made from plant fibers, with a soft, lustrous quality. This is one of the most versatile threads we use, just right for logos, hats, and any numbers of patches. It may bleed color after heavy laundering, but it retains its shine, and retains its softness even after washing.


This is the standard thread for patch that may be attached to any heavily laundered garments, since it keeps its shine and vividness even after being deep cleaned. Even bleach won’t disturb polyester thread in the slightest. Excellent for any oil workers, chefs, mechanics, etc.


Metallic thread is composed of a nylon thread wrapped in a very thin strand of metal foil. We have over 50 metallic color variations for your to choose between, so you can perfectly match any hue you have in mind. Although metallic thread can be delicate, it has a scintillating effect, and is sure to add a pinch of regality to any design you can imagine.


Made from a fusion of ceramic and polyester fibers, Matte thread will create an eye-catching contrast with a standard polyester or rayon thread., with a nearly velvet-soft texture. We have 189 different, Oeko-Tex® certified colors available. Color and light-fast.


Unlike Glow in the Dark thread made for sewing, our Glow in the Dark thread is infused with glowing dye. This dye will never wash off, no matter how heavily it is laundered. Glow in the Dark Thread is perfect for any patch you’d like to add some embellishment to, especially anything ghoulish, psychedelic, or generally mystifying.


Our Neon thread is made from a sturdy poly-blend, available in 30 ultra-brilliant shades. Perfect for any safety workers, uniforms, or ravers. These luminous threads will never fade, even through heavy laundering. Our neon thread has a subtle shine, and is very smooth to the touch.


Available in colors, our fire resistant thread is made from 100% Aramid which contains branded fibers from DuPont®. Our Fire Resistant thread is also Oeko-Tex® certified. This thread is ideal for any utility service people, firefighters, motorsports In fact, every piece of material that goes into these patches is fire resistant, including backing and base fabric.


We have a variety of 120 mixed color threads available, in either polyester or rayon. Multi Color thread conveys stunning color-depth, adding an unexpected dimension to anyone’s dimension. Contact us for a complete chart of all our multi color thread options.

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